Chen Taiji - a LifeArt

In my youth I was already interested in philosophical questions of life and martial arts. I am since 2008 a member of the WCTAG, the World Chen Taiji Association Germany, since December 2013 certified instructor level 2 for Chen Taiji and in further education with Master Harald Bundschuh and Master Jan Silberstorff and Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.


After experiencing a wonderful massage, the topic of massage techniques began to interest me. In 2015 I completed an apprenticeship in Germany as a Wellness Massage Therapist. Looking for something that would help me understand the body even better on all levels, I found a TuiNa massage school in London in 2016. I like the theory behind Traditional Chinese Medicine. For me, TuiNa transformed what was just a "massage" into a treatment.