WCTAG - World Chen Taijiquan Association Germany

In the direct line of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang (19th generation of the founding family of Taijiquan), Master Jan Silberstorff (20th generation) and all WCTAG-teachers taught the WCTAG as German representative of the World Federation WCTA the Taijiquan of the Chen family from Chenjiagou (PRC ), the legendary place of origin of Taijiquan. WCTAG is the direct and sole authorized representative of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and his system in Germany.

The aim of the present family heirs of the original Taijiquan and the WCTAG world is in a serious spread of Taijiquan, the former familiar nature of learning and passing on to be maintained.

The WCTAG organizes ongoing seminars, weekly courses and also study trips to China.

The WCTAG is a founding member of the German umbrella organization for Qigong and Taijiquan (DDQT).
The general outline training guidelines (AALL) has been developed according to the concept of training WCTAG.
In vocational training the WCTAG pays particular attention to seriousness and quality.
It corresponds to the official rules of the health insurance companies, legislators and the German umbrella organization for Taijiquan & Qigong Association (DDQT).